‘From Flores’: Ethel Wilson and Mother and

Child  -  ‘From Flores’ is an example of Ethel Wilson’s ability to express complex meaning with minimal brush strokes. Her connection with and respect for nature is evident, not only in her descriptions of the landscape itself, but also in the details of the characters that are integrally connected to it. In this story the characters find themselves at the mercy of elements (whether they realize it or not). The cast of characters are diverse and far-flung and yet their connections are concrete. A sense of the universal pervades Wilson’s work, she makes it clear that people have an obligation to recognize their commonality whenever and wherever they happen to be instead of trying, arrogantly, to stand alone. Wilson’s skillfully wrought sense of landscape, its vastness, its strength, and its timelessness, help to bring this moral home, without feeling affected. The mother and child that stand, in the end, almost as extensions of the coastal rock itself, are as vulnerable as any of the individuals that cast off in the small doomed boat. There is resignation and hope in their stance, and there is pride, which is truly astounding, since, like the environment that surrounds them, they do not say a word.    



'From Flores' : Ethel Wilson and Mother and Child

Pyrography & acrylic with lacquer

48" x 48"