The Black Prince: Iris Murdoch and Francis  -  The Black Prince is primarily about the various perspectives of its characters. From the multiple Forewords to the various Postscripts, the characters clamor for recognition, and yet none, almost without exception, is willing to take responsibility for their lives. The story is Bradley Pearson’s, for the most part, but if anyone stands out more within all the mystery, the Shakespearian farce, and the multiple love stories, it would have to be Francis Marloe. He is both murderer and victim; clown and crook; he acts as Bradley’s foil as well as his nemesis; and he succeeds in being the most humorous and the most pathetic character in the book. Murdoch’s style is such that if you isolate pieces outside of their context they seem preposterous, but held together, they are as implausibly perfect as life itself.      


The Black Prince : Iris Murdoch and Francis Marloe

Pyrography & acrylic with lacquer finish

48" x 48"