Lives of Girls and Women: Alice Munro and Ada

Jordan -   The most striking thing about Alice Munro’s writing is its straightforwardness. She does not employ heavy handed emblems or have her characters pontificate about fundamental truths, but quietly tells the stories of the Lives of Girls and Women with all the intensity that the truth has to offer. Or, as one of her character says, “The ordinariness of everything brought me up short, made me remember”.  The main character, Del, is Ada’s daughter and throughout the book, she desperately tries to distance herself from everything she sees as pedestrian and provincial: her town, her embarrassing mother, her own innocence, but ends up, literally and figuratively, right back where she started.  The cyclic symmetry of the book is not simplistic but essential, and the reader learns, as does Del, that ‘everywhere is here’ and that everyone is constructed of very similar incentives. 


Lives of Girls and Women: Alice Munro and Ada Jordan.

Pyrography & acrylic with lacquer finish.

48" x 48"