- 2005 pyrography & acrylic series. Arin Andrea Ella Tait Fay hails from the exotic and joke ridden clime of Regina, Saskatchewan. Unable to shed the weather necessitating inward landscape of her upbringing she instead has chosen to embrace the personality disorders, both personal and historical, of those that surround her. The infinite yet staunch parameters of personality provide the subject matter for an artistic expression that attempts to capture the angst, ennui, and vulnerability of the individual ego against the ever swelling tide of pedestrianism and the finality/futility of the unknown. The nobility of character and form are given an abstract and isolating venue using the mediums of pyrography (branding), caricature and colour, informed overall by a passion for literature, domesticity, and the maddeningly cyclic nature of experience.

A Different Kind of Cold 17" x 22" Prairie Hangover         17" x 22" Screaming in a Silent Movie                            17" x 22"

The Conversation                                                                                                    64" x 22"

Waiting on Transit           17" x 22" Fiona                             12" x 12" Carla                            12" x 12"