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Beyond the Batholith



The project – Beyond the Batholith: Writing Women of the Columbia Basin – endevours to illustrate and elevate the artistic accomplishments of a very specific and important  component of our cultural community – women writers. These women, literally (pun intended), form and inform the communities in which we live, and as such, function as ambassadors of ‘our’ collective artistic acumen.


This series isolates  a cross-section of ‘local’ women writers not only to expose and promote the artistic wealth that this region is privileged to possess, but also in response to the historical marginalization of women writers within The Canon in general. An important goal of this project is to increase the public’s awareness of both the social and cultural issues that influence artistic enterprise, feminist and otherwise, and to take the time to recognize the value inherent is such an effort.



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Angie Abdou

Susan Andrews Grace Luanne Armstrong

Marcia Braundy Anne DeGrace Eileen Delehanty Pearkes

Almeda Glenn Miller Nicola Harwood K. LInda Kivi

Rita Moir Verna Relkoff Holley Rubinsky