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- between the lines –   is about the impossibility of objectivity. The idea that without influence, without subjectivity, there can be no creativity, is reflected by

the highly stylized, yet impressionistic, forms, and images that are presented.  The lines build character even while they evoke fragmentation; they suggest that all details are fundamentally distractions, and prone to variance; details can build, they can erode, and they can destroy. The work questions the authority of ownership and the construction of creation in the light of such disorder and proposes a perspective that rejects the ‘typical’ and the ‘traditional’ even while it works within a recognizable framework; a perspective that lends itself well to female expression. The work, while intended as a tribute to specific female writers, also explores the liminal space between the creator and the created, the superseding but by no means authoritative perspective of the observer, and the overarching influences of society and time, both past and present. In the creation of art, every line, every nuance has a history (language has luggage; colours have context; personalities have precedent) and it is the recognition and use of these factors that makes for emotive art, interesting individuals, and compelling contradictions. The writers that are depicted, have become, by their own acts of creation, creations in themselves, a process that, within the minds of their readers, is infinite and ever-changing. They, like all artists, stand alongside their work like indistinct architects, integral to every aspect, and yet, distanced by factors both fathomlessly large and excruciatingly small.

The Yellow Wallpaper: Charlotte Perkins     Gilman and her Unnamed Narrator   'A Good Man is Hard to  Find': Flannery O'Conner and John Henry The Bluest Eye: Toni Morrison and Pecola Breedlove

Lives of Girls and     Woman: Alice Munro and Ada Jordan Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte and Bertha Mason Wide Sargasso Sea: Jean Rhys and Antoinette  Cosway

Adam Bede: George Eliot and Hetty Sorrel The Black Prince: Iris Murdoch and Francis Marloe 'From Flores': Ethel Wilson and Mother and Child
Ana Historic: Daphne Marlatt and Ana/Ina Obasan: Joy Kogawa and House By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept: Elizabeth Smart and the Other Woman