Abstract Architectural Portraits

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Abstract Architecture - This series attempts to       combine the accuracy of architectural detail with the aesthetics of abstraction to create images that are not merely representational but also evocative.

I feel that this approach is effective (and affecting) because it acknowledges the many elements that embody architectural spaces. The importance that history takes in the creation of 'place' and those emotions and memories that tend to attach themselves to what a place can mean to an individual person, or persons.  A snapshot of ones' child-hood home can be extremely poignant; a heritage site appears 'stately'; and a falling-down farm house evokes sadness - our reaction to places and spaces is unique to our respective experience - which is what makes them so interesting as subject matter.


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End of the Road

Lynn & Paul's House Cormie Cabin

Rae's House Jane's House Doug & Emily's

Retallack Waterworks

Enn's House City Hall City Hall Detail