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   souvenir series



One-of-a-kind, numbered and signed

Pyrography (wood burning) and acrylic paint, w/matte lacquer finish

 6x 8, 8x 8, 10"x 10", and custom cradled exhibition panels (made w/ readily renewable paulownia hardwood). Larger sizes available upon request.

Bright, and beautiful map images illustrate various views of HERE

Contact the artist (aka 'me') if you would like a map of a certain area created - pyro@arinfay.ca

Prices range from: $70 - $500 (Canadian) - depending upon size, complexity, and (of course) shipping and handling.




Available at the following outlets:

Touchstones Gallery Gift Shop (Nelson,B.C.)

Kootenay Gallery Shop (Castlegar, B.C.)

Kamloops Art Gallery Gift Shop (Kamloops, B.C.)

Penticton Art Gallery Gift Shop (Penticton, B.C.)

Black Bear Bike Repair and Emporium of Awesomeness (Nakusp, B.C.)



nakusp -under the microscope fortune drive - kamloops flatlander
red bridge - kamloops 42 victoria street - edinburgh halston ave - kamloops
oh canada #1 13ave neighbourhood - regina high street bridge crossing - edinburgh
kamloops art gallery - victoria street mission flats - kamloops flatlanderII
beautiful british columbia oh canada #2 oh canada #3
oh canada #4 oh canada #5 #601 2321 scotia street - vancouver
Castlegar Penticton - Long view Iona Island Causeway - Vancouver
metallic bulls-eye Nelson Bridge Vancouver - Pelican Bay Marina

Granville Island Iron Workers Memorial Bridge Vancouver Nakusp Primary

LakeshoreDriveWest - Penticton Nakusp - Dark Blue Nakusp - Long View

Nakusp - Medium View Balfour Jumbo Glacier II

Penticton I Cbay Castlegar w/border
Primary Penticton SkahaLakeRoad - Penticton Ainsworth
city of nelson w/orange bridge Commercial Drive kootenay region
nelson dog restriction zone castlegar bulls-eye birding map
castlegar kaslo kaslo bulls-eye
kootenay bulls-eye kootenay region kaslo
Penticton - metallic lakes and parks nelson,b.c.
parks and lakes globe view